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Just some quick info for you... I've gone ahead and unlocked the crafting slots for the whitelisted players. Eventually these will be unlocked by new players through crafting quests but I figured having them unlocked now will make life easier on the players until the server is developed more.

There's also an infected event we are developing at spawn so keep an eye on that for some awesome updates!

10 Apr 2017, 14:14 0 | 6
Hey all,

First of all - I will be using this site for specific information regarding World8-4 and the Minecraft server. I mainly use our Discord channel for day to day info and communications but it's easier to post long term information here like access to the server, wiki's etc..

For the most part over the next while I will be whitelisting the Minecraft server while I work on development. Too many random people are logging in while I have a half broken server and they leave disappointed. I want to prevent this so in the future here's how you access the Minecraft server...

Instructions to access the Minecraft Server

- First of all you need to understand the server is under development.
- create an account here - use your minecraft name. 
- when registering it will ask that you verify account ownership by changing your skin. 
- It will give you step by step instructions on how to do this and takes less than 2-3 min total.

Once you have an account setup here you will automatically be whitelisted on the server according to your Minecraft name.

If you have any questions just hit me up in Discord! Click me for Link

02 Apr 2017, 06:01 2 | 11