A new beginning for World8-4

World8-4 is taking a new path the Towny Server
Towny will now be focused around an ever expanding Item Economy,
Quests, Challenges, Custom Baddies, Scripted Events and more!


Come Join 1 other player(s) online.

Lots Of Exciting New Features To Bring The Best
Experience To You.

Active Support

World8-4 has been my hobby and focus over the past 5 years. I've commited myself to always keeping the server up to date, fun and exciting!

Skyblock and Creative

Skyblock and Creative are an important part of World8-4 and will always be maintained!

Great Community

World8-4 has had a rich history with many members over the years. World8-4 would not be what it is today with out each and every member


World8-4 has 8 different leader boards for stats. Are you good enough to make it to the top?

DDoS Protected

World8-4 is hosted out of a datacenter in Eastern Canada with awesome protection against DDOS attacks.

Ranking System

World8-4 features many ranks depending on your time spent here

The Most Unforgettable Experience You Have Ever
Had On Any Other Server.

World8-4 has a rich history and many dedicated members & staff
to bring you an unforgettable experience.
We are also open to suggestions so drop us a message!

Live Map Stats

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Towny RPG

Towny RPG is a mix of classic towny with an item economy and RPG elements such as quests, skills, stats and adventures! Each Town and quest hub has been developed to feel alive and interactive. The entire server map has been custom developed as well.


Our Skyblock server is an economy server which shares your money between Towny and Skyblock. There's also a leveling system with achievements!


Our Creative Server features massive plots with full World Edit abilities and very few limitations. Build whatever you want!